Call for Letter of Interest-School Board







       At-Large Board Member,  

       Village Specific Member: Mishongnovi & Sipaulovi

Term:  December 2020- June 2022


Due Date: November 30, 2020

NO later than 4:00 p.m. MST

Submit Letters to: SMDS Administration

Questions please call: (928) 737-2571






                                                                                          Election Code C:

                                                                     Eligibility Qualifications to be a Board Member

                                                                (Approved January 18, 2018: Special Board Meeting)


C. Eligibility/Qualifications to be a Board Member

  1. Must be an enrolled member of the Hopi Tribe.
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older on or before the date of the election.
  3. To be a candidate for a Board Member for a Village-Specific Board position, you must be an enrolled member of the Village that is represented by that Board Position.
  4. An At-Large candidate must be a parent or legal guardian of a currently enrolled S.M.D.S. student.
  5. Cannot be an employee of Second Mesa Day School.
  6. Cannot have been an employee of Second Mesa Day School or have resigned from the S.M.D.S. Board in the three years prior to the date of election.
  7. Cannot be an officer of the Second Mesa Day School Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).
  8. Cannot be an employee of the Hopi Tribal Department of Education.
  9. Cannot be a member of the Hopi Tribal Council.
  10. Cannot be a member of a Village Governing Board.
  11. A person is not eligible to be a Board Member if their spouses or any member of

their immediate family as that term is defined in the policies, works for the Second Mesa Day School.

  1. No two persons residing in the same household may serve on the Board concurrently.
  2. Cannot be an employee of the Bureau of Indian Education.
  3. A Board Member must successfully pass a fingerprint and background check as required  by P.L. 101-630 prior to the election and through the S.M.D.S fingerprint/background check process with cost to be paid by S.M.D.S. Board Members must be free of any criminal

history prohibited by P.L. 101-630 and any criminal history that may bring disrepute to the Board.  If a Board Member is on the Board and is not successfully completed the background check, they will be automatically removed from the Board. If a Board Member is subsequently convicted of a crime barred by P.L. 101-630, they must immediately resign.

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