A message from Hopi Tribal Chairman, Herman G. Honanie

Good afternoon everybody.    This morning you all are aware of a horrible crime taking the life of an 11 year old Navajo girl.


This particular incident hits all of us because we all have daughters, sons and grandchildren whom we love dearly.  To have such a crime targeting young innocent lives is simply unthinkable, further to have such an incident taking place in our backyard is even more concerning.


As parents and grandparents, we send our children to schools daily without such concern.  I’ve stated previously we look at the schools to provide that safety and security for our children while they attend school.  However, we need to rethink that and begin thinking or focusing on stepping up to being more concerned with their safety.  Parents need to become more involved with the schools and assume the necessary role or steps in seeing that your child is safe.


This incident brings up the point of bus stops and children getting off.  Should parents or family members be more proactive to meet their children then, are children being told to go straight home and not wonder off?  Are Children aware or reminded to avoid strangers, etc., etc.?  We continue to tax the schools with certain burdens especially safety of our children, however this matter has be shared by the parents as well.  The schools can only do so much.  The schools are challenged by behavioral issues, such as fighting, bullying and even drug abuse at the higher levels.  This is an area where home values and teachings come into to play, to teach children to be on their own guard.


I’m reminding all parents to take time to talk with your children about this and other matters, it’s important you as parents express your love and concern for safety to your child.  Instruct them accordingly on your rules or make them understand why it’s important.


I urge all School Administrators and staff to take necessary steps accordingly. I urge a call to all parents to spend a day at school to observe what transpires there. 


I also call on our Law Enforcement entities to do what’s necessary in providing safety and security at all times. 


Our children deserve our support and need to hear from parents and adults they are our most valuable resource.  


As is said, hug your Child, show them you care.  Tell them to be safe.  Step up for your child’s safety.    Kwak kwa



Herman G. Honanie, Chairman

Hopi Tribe

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